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Details Breaking-Bad-Giant-25-Pint-Beer-Glass-Alcohol-is-Not-the-Problem-It-is-a-Solution-2kg-44lb

Breaking Bad Giant Beer Glass - Alcohol is Not the Problem. It is a Solution As Walter White the chemistry teacher would tell you, alcohol is ethanol dissolved in water so chemically speaking it's a solution This huge beer stein is the ultimate bad ...

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Details The-Subprime-Solution-How-Todays-Global-Financial-Crisis-Happened-and-What-to-Do-about-It

The subprime mortgage crisis has already wreaked havoc on the lives of millions of people and now it threatens to derail the U.S. economy and economies around the world. In this trenchant book, best-selling economist Robert Shiller reveals the origins ...

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Details Theory-and-solution-of-algebraical-equations-of-the-higher-orders

This book, "Theory and solution of algebraical equations of the higher orders. 1", by Young, J. R., is a replication of a book originally published before 1843. It has been restored by human beings, page by page, so that you may enjoy it in a form as ...

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Details Thyroid-Diet-Solution

Thyroid diseases refer to diseases that affect the thyroid glands and hamper its functions, whether it is hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer, etc. Thyroid diseases are serious diseases although they can be treated because if they are ...

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Details XML-Problem-Design-Solution-Programmer-to-Programmer

XML Offering a unique approach to learning XML, this book walks readers through the process of building a complete, functional, end-to-end XML solution. It also features a case study, which is an online business product catalog that includes reports ...

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Details ArtBin-Solutions-Box-6-12-Compartments-1075X7375X175-Translucent

ART BIN-Solutions Storage Box. This versatile storage organizer is great for scrapbooking, crafts, art supplies, home office, and more. It is made of clear plastic and includes optional dividers for customizing the space to fit your needs. Inside are ...

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Details Gear-Solutions-Color-Germany-2013

In the first chapter it determines precisely, the dynamics-efficiency, but at the gears transmissions, the dynamics efficiency is the same like the mechanical efficiency; this is a greater advantage of the gears transmissions. This advantage ...

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Details Sustainable-Solutions-for-Water-Resources-Policies-Planning-Design-and-Implementation

Get the single-source solutions guide to the sustainable management of water resources. Why is water the environmental issue? The answer is simple: without it, life on this planet could not exist. Yet, despite this fact, reckless consumption practices ...

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Details Apartment-Therapy-Presents-Real-Homes-Real-People-Hundreds-of-Design-Solutions-40-Homes-40-Real-People-Hundreds-of-Real-Design-Solutions

Apartment Therapy Proves that creating a stylish home doesn't take a lot of money or space. This book profiles 40 homes decorated by real people and features photographs, floor plans, resource lists, and detailed "how I did it" explanations from 40 ...

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Details The-basic-soil-problems-and-possible-solutions-in-agriculture

Document from the year 2011 in the subject Agrarian Studies, University of Greenwich, language: English, abstract: It is widely recognised that environmental problems such as soil degradation (erosion and desertification) affects many agricultural ...

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Details Simple-Solution-Flecken-und-Geruchsentferner-gegen-von-Katzen-verursachte-Flecken-und-Gerche-1000-ml

- The Simple Solution training pad holder is designed to make using training pads in the home easier. Using the unique locking clasps the pads are secured into place and this prevents the dog from tearing and pulling the pads around the floor. It ...

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Details Couples-Therapy-for-Domestic-Violence-Finding-Safe-Solutions

Couples Therapy for Domestic Violence Up to 65% of couples who seek therapy for marital problems have had at least one prior violent episode. Unfortunately, therapists often miss this critical information because they do not effectively assess for it ...

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Details ITB-Solution-MB-6061-2Maximale-VESA-NormVESA-75-x-75

The Multibrackets Vesa wallmount 360 offers a flexible alternative to rigid wall mounts for displays weighing up to 25kgs . Multibrackets Vesa wallmount 360 can both tilt and rotate . Still it is safely secured with the included padlock . Perfect for ...

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Details Persisting-Undernutrition-in-India-Causes-Consequences-and-Possible-Solutions

Causes, Consequences and Possible SolutionsGebundenes BuchThe book revisits the causes of persisting under nutrition in India, but moves away from the usual focus on women and children to a broader view of the entire population. It estimates the ...

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Details Shell-Scripting-Recipes-A-Problem-Solution-Approach-Experts-Voice-in-Open-Source

Shell Scripting Recipes In today's IT environment, harried system administrators are finding themselves more overworked than ever. This book helps them regain some of the lost time spent creating and testing shell scripts, and guides readers through ...

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Details Hngen-Sie-es-Dang-It-hngen-Sie-es-Dang-It-Quilt-hanger-21-inch-zu-89cm-andere-Mehrfarbig

INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS-Hang It Dang It Quilt Hanger. The only self- leveling quilt hanger on the market! Hang It Dang It makes it easy to hang your quilt straight and level with no tools required. This hanger supports up to 40 pounds and will not damage ...

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Details Renewable-Energies-for-Your-Home-Real-World-Solutions-For-Green-Conversions-Tab-Green-Guru-Guides

Renewable Energies for Your Home A new TAB Green Guru Guide, this book offers authoritative, practical, and fun do-it-yourself projects and tips for greening your home. Full description

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Details Georgia-10-Vinyl-LP

TracklistA1 Intro A2 Kombine A3 Be Ache A4 Nothing Solutions A5 Hold It A6 Digits B1 Cab Ride B2 Tell Me About It B3 Move Systems B4 Heart Wrecking Animals B5 GMTL B6 You

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Details E-Cloth-Granitreinigungstcher-SchwarzRot

E-cloth's Granite Pack is the ultimate cleaning solution for granite worktops. It has all you need to tackle stuck-on dirt and grease and give it a sparkling finish.

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Details Kinsman-KWH1-Wand-Gitarrenhalterung-zum-Anschrauben

Your guitar is a work of art, and naturally you want it displayed for everyone to see. The problem is that sometimes displaying your instrument is not safe since people can bump it or step on it even! The Kinsman KWH1 is the solution. This is a padded ...

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Details Privacy-and-Identity-Management-for-Life

Gebundenes BuchAt the end of the PrimeLife EU project, a book will contain the main research results. It will address primarily researchers. In addition to fundamental research it will contain description of best practice solutions.

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Details Eddingtons-Komposteimer-Edelstahl

This Deluxe Compost Pail is the perfect solution for recycling food waste. This bin comes with carbon filters inside the lid to keep your kitchen odour free. It has a practical handle for carrying out to your compost bin when full. It is made from ...

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Details Selling-Professional-Services-to-the-Fortune-500-How-to-Win-in-the-Billion-Dollar-Market-of-Strategy-Consulting-Technology-Solutions-and-Outsourcin

Selling Professional Services to the Fortune 500 A practical guide that gives readers the edge in selling, marketing, and delivering their services to the world's top companies. It explains how to get in the door, who to target, and how to build the ...

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Details Sizzix-Ellison-Bigz-Storage-Rack-grau

Sizzix-Bigz Storage Rack. The Perfect Storage Solutions For Up To Ten Of Your Bigz Dies, Mover & Shapers Dies, Or Scoreboards Dies! Built-In Handles Make Transporting It Easy Or Mount It On The Wall For Out-Of-The-Way Organization. This Package ...

10,51 EUR*
Details Darice-JD-Bead-Aufbewahrungssystem-mit-30-Behltern

DARICE-Bead Organizer. This is the perfect storage solution for all of your tiny beads! There are thirty individual screw top storage jars inside a large square storage container, it makes it easy to keep all of your colors separated. This package ...

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Details Koo-Di-KD065-Pack-It-Universeller-Sonnenschutz-fr-Autositz-Gruppe-0-plus

Funky and fun, Koo-Di not only provides solutions which often pose the question: ?why didn?t I think of that?? but are also great value, freeing up precious time to spend doing the fun things in life with your little ones. From pop-up travel cots ...

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Details Sergei-Tiviakov-Learning-from-the-World-Champions

From amateurs to professionals - players of all levels know how difficult it is to learn chess strategy and how much time and effort it takes to improve middlegame play. The author of this DVD has a solution - suggesting and demonstrating what he ...

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Details Jacquard-Products-Color-Magnet-Broad-Pen-

Jacquard Color Magnet pen can create a tone-on-tone effect;Stamp or Stencil the solution with this easy-to-use pen;Once dry; the Jacquard Color Magnet will attract dye; so the area will magically appear darker where it has been applied;Use it in ...

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Details Introduction-to-Project-Finance-Essential-Capital-Markets

The term 'project finance' is now being used in almost every language in every part of the world. It is the solution to infrastructure, public and private venture capital needs. It has been successfully used in the past to raise trillions of dollars ...

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Details A-Smart-Girls-Guide-to-Understanding-Her-Family-Feelings-Fighting-Figuring-it-Out-American-Girl

A Smart Girl's Guide to Understanding Her Family The advice in this book can help girls understand and get along with parents, stop fights with siblings before they start, and negotiate solutions to any problem. This newest addition to the Smart ...

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Details Citric-Acid

Gebundenes BuchThis monograph is devoted to different aspects associated with citric acid, inorganic citrates and their aqueous and organic solutions. It includes information about properties, occurrence and technological applications of citric acid ...

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Details Kick-the-Habit-A-Un-Guide-to-Climate-Neutrality

This publication shows how various levels of society can work towards climate neutrality. It is written and reviewed by experts from many disciplines and various countries. It is aimed at a broad audience, with solutions for individuals, small and large

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Details Creative-Thinking-Ages-6-8-Problem-Solving-Across-the-Curriculum-Ideas-to-Go-Creative-Thinking

Creative Thinking Ages 6-8 This series presents a range of problems for which there is more than one solution or more than one approach to the solution. It is designed to lay the foundational skills, strategies and attitudes for pupils to become life ...